Day 23 – The beginning of goodbyes.

Sunday, July 8th, 2012

Sunday was literally a day of relaxation before our busy 4th week. We were up early at 5 a.m. to say goodbye to Justin, Claudia’s boy toy. Earlier in the week, he told us that his school didn’t offer them to stay for the 4th week, so he had no idea it was even an option. Saying goodbye to him was bittersweet because he was one of the people we got extremely close to, due to the fact that Claudia easily became Gartz’s little sister and Emerson’s daughter…imagine that. Of course, we slept in until lunch, where we had a late lunch with Heeweon, Justine (a UNC-A student), and Candis (the other WCU female) around 4. We went to a chicken buffet, where we splurged on different types of boneless chicken—honey/garlic, spicy garlic, original fried, etc.

We headed back to the dorm to rest and shower before our dinner with Dr. Lee at 9. We ate a local pizza joint where we had an assortment of typical pizzas (pepperoni supreme, cheese, and plain pepperoni). Following dinner, we went next door to rent a ping pong table for the remaining 30 minutes before the 11 o’clock curfew. We didn’t really want to roam the streets, since we would be soon separated from the buddies and our friends due to our Criminal Justice field trips. We were the only two (of our circle of friends) who didn’t participate in the business or teaching programs. Claudia was also very saddened by Justin’s departure, so we wanted to be there for her.

Once in for the night, we all piled into one room until our eyes shut.

Te amamos (We love you).

*Sorry for the lack of pictures. We’ve started leaving the camera behind, since our meals are starting to repeat themselves and activities aren’t as exciting during the weekend!


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